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Hi my name is Regina Lee and I am the founder of Help on the Go. Currently, I am a senior in the HGM at North Hollywood High School having taken AP Biology, AP World History, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science, AP Physics 1, and AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, Statistics, Discrete Math, AP Psychology, AP US History, and AP English Language. Some of my interests include reading, playing volleyball, calling my friends, and playing the cello. I am the co-captain of the Robotics Team at school and play with the Hayfield orchestra at concerts. Since I have a passion for reading and math, I teach students how to critically read and teach them advanced math that they have not yet learned in school. If anyone needs help on their homework, I explain and teach in order for them to understand the problems. Additionally, on Sundays, I help teach 3-D printing class. I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach all of you!


Hello! My name is Peony Yeon, the co-founder of Help On The Go and the founder of the Art Help On The Go. I am a rising senior at Marymount High School and have been taking art as an extracurricular for 10 years. I also LOVE to dance and currently a leader of my dance team, Wink Dance Team. I teach art weekly on Sundays starting from 12:15pm- 1:15pm. I look for creative art projects using recycled materials and essentials that they have never used before. I help the kids bring out their creative side and teach them a bit of the art history. Nice to meet you and I am so excited for all the good things to come!!

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Hello, my name is Aranne Jung and I am a senior at North Hollywood Highly Gifted Magnet High School. This year, I’ll be taking AP English Literature, AP Spanish, AP Macroeconomics, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, and painting! I’ve completed a variety of AP courses, including AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Seminar and Research, AP English Language, and AP Chemistry. I am also team captain of the varsity tennis team, and I regularly compete in CyberPatriot and DECA competitions. In my free time, I love to play cello, tennis, surf in the summer, and ski in the winter.   


Hello, my name is Manami Hokugo and I am a senior at North Hollywood HGM High School. Some AP courses I have taken are AP biology, AP world history, AP environmental science, AP Spanish Language, AP Physics 1, and AP Calculus AB and I am currently taking AP Calculus BC, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Seminar, AP Language, and AP US History. Because I have a keen interest in language and communication, I am a board member of my school’s foreign language club called Fluency for Teens, and am invested in other activities that help those interests thrive like Deca, Speech and Debate, and Japanese school on Saturdays. I enjoy writing about philosophy, social issues, and other profound topics to deepen my understanding of the connection between language and communication with others. I will be tutoring English, including all areas of language arts. I hope to help students learn to express themselves better through their writing as well as develop other skills like reading comprehension and vocabulary. Some of my hobbies include reading books, playing golf, and painting. I am so excited to be a part of Help on the Go :)


Hi! I'm Andrew Kim, a sophomore at Village Christian High School. I enjoy math and creative writing and am passionate about coding. Currently my favorite class I'm taking is AP Computer Science, and that's all thanks to my great teacher who I strive to be like. I'm part of the Korean and Ping Pong club at my school, helping organize events and recruit new members. Apart from my school life I enjoy playing video games and swimming. In the future I would like to enter the computer science field due to my strengths in math and my enjoyment of coding.

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My name is Joann Tran, and I am a junior at North Hollywood High School. I participate in Cyberpatriots, Science Olympiad at North Hollywood, and am a captain for Colfax Elementary Science Olympiad. I am also a teacher’s assistant at my Sunday Vietnamese School. Painting and reading are a couple of my hobbies that I do in my spare time; and on weekends where I have time, I skateboard and go on long bike rides.


Hello! My name is Gabriela Toranzo and I am a junior at North Hollywood High School HGM. I am heavily passionate about STEM and take interest in matters of social justice. At North Hollywood, I am president of Empower, a club focused on the intersectionality of feminism, and historian of my school's environmental club, Earthwise. I enjoy engineering, thus spend most of my time in Robotics as junior captain of our school's FIRST (FRC) Team, and our school's maker space, 3D MAD. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, golfing, and reading the latest updates in the realm of engineering and technology! Through Help on the Go, I enjoy tutoring students in math and hosting a 3-D printing class on Sundays alongside Regina.
AP Subjects I have completed/am currently taking include Biology, Physics I, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology, English Language and Composition, Seminar, Spanish, World History, US History, Calculus AB, and Calculus BC.

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Hi, my name is Eric Lee. I am a freshman at Harvard-Westlake. I am currently taking Honors Biology, Honors Precalculus, and Honors Spanish 3. I am one of the captains of the Ethics Bowl Club, the largest club at the middle school, as well as the founder of the school’s Good Samaritan Club. In addition, I am a Student Ambassador Co-Chair and the principal oboist of the Middle School Symphony. In my free time, I enjoy practicing the oboe a lot, and am the principal oboist of the Glendale Youth Orchestra. I am currently organizing fundraisers through the Good Samaritan Club helping those in need, such as people suffering from the stressing mental fallout of cancer.

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Hello! My name is Alex Lee! I’m a freshman at Harvard-Westlake. I’m currently taking Honors Precalculus, Honors Biology, and Honors Spanish III. I’m part of the Science Olympiad club and the Robotics Club at school, and I’m an editor of the school magazine, The Spectrum. I play the violin in Symphony at school, and play in the Glendale Youth Orchestra outside of school. I enjoy art and science. I’m really excited to meet everybody!

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Hello, my name is Ann Lee and I am a senior at New Covenant Academy. I am a part of my school’s honor council and I am also a designer for the journalism club and the yearbook club. I enjoy drawing, both traditionally and digitally, and helping kids discover their creative sides with new art mediums, knowledge, ideas, etc. My goal is to help kids develop and enhance their art skills as well as their ability to think outside of the box. I have experience in both teaching children and teaching fine arts through extracurricular activities. I am thrilled to be working with everyone!


I'm Yuran Jung, a 10th grader at North Hollywood High School. I've taken two AP Courses at North Hollywood, World History and Biology, and I am currently taking four AP courses, which are Spanish, Environmental Science, Physics, and Calculus AB. At school, I am a part of DECA, in which I have been a finalist in the District competition. I also am a member of MUN, where I received a title of "Outstanding Delegate" twice and "Best Delegate" once. My favorite subjects are history and math, and I currently tutor an American History class. In my free time I enjoy practicing tennis and oboe, alongside playing video games!


Hi, my name is Lucas Lee and I am going into my junior year of high school at L.A.C.E.S. High School. I took a design class where we could be creative as we can be. I hope I can implement some of the things I learned into the art lessons I teach. Some projects I have done are logo design , product design, and movie poster design. I am also currently working on my art portfolio. I also had AP World History and next year I am planning to do AP Calculus,  AP Language, and AP Studio Art. Some hobbies I have are traveling, going to different beaches, and hanging out 
with my friends. Art is one of my most favorite things to do. You can be creative as you want and show the world your personality. I am very excited to show everyone’s creative side through this experience.


Hello, my name is Daniel and I am a rising senior at North Hollywood High School. So far, I have taken AP Biology, AP World History, AP US History, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, AP Language and Arts, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics 1, and AP Chemistry. I am currently planning on taking AP Music Theory, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature, AP Statistics, AP Macro/AP Gov, and AP Physics C. Since the start of fifth grade, I have learned how to play the oboe and embarked on my musical journey. As a part of the Hayfield Orchestra, I partake in community service directed toward seniors and veterans. I also love tutoring students in music as well as math. During my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing for fun. Looking forward to working with you guys!


Hi, my name is Lena KimI am a freshman at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences and I am part of the EMMI program there. I began my violin studies at the age of five. Since then, I have always enjoyed playing the violin. Currently, I am being instructed by violinist Phillip Levy. This summer, I participated in the Montecito International Music Festival and was able to study with famous violinists, Cho-Liang Lin, a well-known soloist and instructor, Martin Chalifour, the concertmaster of Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Ken Aiso, a worldwide soloist. At the music festival, I also had a masterclass with Sergiu Schwartz, who is a violinist and a professor at the Schwob Conservatory of Music, Columbus State University. Over the course of nine years, I participated in many national and international competitions such as Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Satori Summer Music Festival, and American Protégé International Music Competition and I have been a prizewinner every year. While every moment with my violin were equally memorable, I believe that the time that I truly cannot forget is when I was the first prize winner of the American Protégé International Competition and had the thrilling opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2019. I am a member of the LA Sinfonietta Debut Orchestra, where I perform with fellow musicians at concert halls, nursing homes, and various other locations. As much as I loves listening to my favorite violinists’ performances, I aspire that one day, people will look forward to my performances and enjoy listening to them.

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