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Hi my name is Regina Lee and I am the founder of Help on the Go. Currently, I am a senior in the HGM at North Hollywood High School having taken AP Biology, AP World History, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science, AP Physics 1, and AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, Statistics, Discrete Math, AP Psychology, AP US History, and AP English Language. Some of my interests include reading, playing volleyball, calling my friends, and playing the cello. I am the co-captain of the Robotics Team at school and play with the Hayfield orchestra at concerts. Since I have a passion for reading and math, I teach students how to critically read and teach them advanced math that they have not yet learned in school. If anyone needs help on their homework, I explain and teach in order for them to understand the problems. Additionally, on Sundays, I help teach 3-D printing class. I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach all of you!


Hello! My name is Peony Yeon, the co-founder of Help On The Go and the founder of the Art Help On The Go. I am a rising senior at Marymount High School and have been taking art as an extracurricular for 10 years. I also LOVE to dance and currently a leader of my dance team, Wink Dance Team. I teach art weekly on Sundays starting from 12:15pm- 1:15pm. I look for creative art projects using recycled materials and essentials that they have never used before. I help the kids bring out their creative side and teach them a bit of the art history. Nice to meet you and I am so excited for all the good things to come!!

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